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Addiction Treatment in Dublin.

Like so many human problems, with all addictions there are two main elements to consider, the cause and the effect. With Hypnotherapy we take a two pronged approach to the problem and while dealing with the effect, the habit itself, we also find and deal with what is causing an addict to continue their habit.

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Treating Any Addiction

Addictions can range from the relatively trivial to the fatal. People can be addicted to a substance or a behaviour. Hypnotherapy is  effective when a person is committed to giving up their habit and is an excellent method of eliminating the subconscious force compelling them to take or do something. Hypnotherapy is also a powerful method of changing the person's perception of their addiction and changing it from something perceived as desirable, to something that it is desirable to discontinue.


For severe specialist addictions, such as some alcoholic and drug addictions, there are excellent counseling services and Hypnotherapy is complementary to these. While your anonymous association provides support, we can use Hypnotherapy to get to the root of your addiction and resolve it.


If you are suffering from any addiction, give me a call and see how I can help you to overcome it fully.

+353 87 1227361

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