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Treatment for Feelings of Guilt and Shame in Dublin.

Many, many emotional and behavioural problems and even physical illnesses have their root causes in feelings of guilt and/or shame.

I offer both face to face and online therapy sessions to help people eliminate guilt, shame or embarrassment from their lives.


People are often not aware that their problems are rooted in hidden feelings of guilt and shame.

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Removing Guilt and Shame

Sometimes we have had experiences in the past, which our mind has never fully dealt with. These experiences are left incomplete, like unhealed wounds in our mind. Hypnotherapy is very effective in finding and quickly resolving these legacy emotions of guilt or shame.


Sometimes we carry guilt over something that we did or didn't do or say. Often guilt is attached to grief. Sometimes we may have done something that at that time we felt ashamed of and we have never got over that feeling.


All therapy is carried out in complete confidentiality. I cannot even confirm to a family member whether or not someone is attending my clinic.


Hypnotherapy resolves feelings of grief, guilt and shame permanently, providing ease, calm and peace of mind. It then also results in the disappearance of habits, feelings and other behaviours which have been troubling us that were connected to some buried guilt or shame.


If you are experiencing feelings of guilt or shame, please get in touch and I can explain how I can help you to let them go.

+353 87 1227361

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