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Anger Management Treatment in Dublin.

Most people with what they call "anger issues" often feel misunderstood themselves and worry that there is something within them that is out of their control and manifesting as anger that they cannot seem to manage themselves.

They often already know that their angry reactions and responses are out of proportion to the person or situation that is causing them to be so angry. Yet they can't seem to control it.


And they often take their anger out on those closest or most important to them in their life whether in relationships, the home or the workplace.

I offer both face to face and online Hypnotherapy sessions.

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Treatment for Anger Issues

If you are having problems managing or controlling your feelings of anger or temper, one of the most effective ways of resolving this problem permanently is through a form of Hypnotherapy known as Hypnoanalysis. In truth, I do not teach "anger management". I work on resolving the anger issue so that it is no longer a problem and there is nothing for you to manage. This is a form of Hypnotherapy which gets to the real root cause of the anger.

This is because the REAL reason for  anger is usually unknown to you and thus unresolved. The anger is always there waiting to be triggered. A few sessions of Analytical Hypnotherapy allows the bottled up reason to come to the surface, in a natural, controlled and completely confidential way and to be released forever. This leaves a formerly angry person feeling much more calm, relaxed, free from anxiety and fears and able to cope with ALL of life's ups and downs with surprising ease and control.

If you want more information on this successful anger management treatment please call me to arrange a FREE confidential phone consultation. Or call to make an appointment and get started on changing your life and that of those around you straight away.


If anger or impatience or bad temper are issues for you, give me a call to find out more about how I can help you to eliminate them from your life.

+353 87 1227361

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