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White Coat Syndrome Treatment in Dublin.

"White Coat Syndrome" is a common term used for a form of medical phobia where someone suffers enough anxiety in a medical situation to result in actual physical symptoms, (most commonly, raised blood pressure).

I offer both face to face and online therapy sessions for White Coat Syndrome and other Medical Phobias.

In some situations a patient may actually faint or pass out. A person can be affected by only the mere mention, or the thought, of blood, needles, a doctor's surgery, clinic, hospital, any other clinical setting or a medical procedure.

As with all phobias, this is an irrational fear. It has nothing to do with intelligence and I've even known medical personnel who suffer from it in situations where THEY are the patient.

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White Coat Syndrome and the Medical Profession

Although medical phobias of various types such as fear of needles, blood, etc. and White Coat Syndrome are known to medical professionals, if a patient presents in a clinical setting with worryingly high blood pressure, or a suddenly rapid or irregular heartbeat, they are duty bound to take action. Ironically, this can result in a worsening of the symptoms due to the additional stress on the nervous patient! This can result in a person being admitted to A&E or hospital. At best, the patient may need to go home unnecessarily wearing  24 hour blood pressure monitor to try to get a more accurate reading of their usual blood pressure. At worst, it results in a more persistent anxiety which continues the symptoms which may, in turn, result in actual ill health!

Thankfully, using  Hypnotherapy, we can cure this problem.


Our first option, if suitable, is to use Hypnotic Suggestion Therapy and/or some NLP techniques, known as Fast Phobia Cures. This type of Suggestion Therapy  involves 1 to 3 sessions, usually only 1.

In the  case of White Coat Syndrome being one of a number of nervous or emotional problems, or where it seems more deeper rooted than something that can be addressed in one session, then Hypnotherapy is still one of the most successful and quickest ways known of releasing the root causes of debilitating emotional symptoms. It may take a number of weeks to complete, but it will result in a permanent release from White Coat Syndrome and any associated symptoms, causing them to dissolve quickly and permanently.


The root cause, of what are essentially little panic attacks in a medical situation, is always some old bottled up  feeling or emotion, which becomes released when triggered by these events. A person may even outwardly seem relaxed and yet internally, their body has gone into "fight or flight" mode!


If  you, or someone that you know, are affected by White Coat Syndrome, call me now for a chat about your situation. Or email to arrange a free initial phone consultation to find out more about this successful solution.

+353 87 1227361

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