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Treatment for Migrane in Dublin.

I have successfully relieved many Migrane sufferers of their symptoms when all else seemed to have failed them.People who had suffered for many years and with such severe symptoms that they were prevented from leading a normal professional, social and private life.

I offer both face to face and online therapy sessions to ease and eliminate Migrane.

Migrane is more than just headaches, it also involves the feelings between attacks and the anxiety surrounding the next episode. It can be a very real and debilitating condition.

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help Treat Migrane

When no organic or physical cause can be detected, it is recognised that the symptoms and attacks are very often associated with your emotional state at any time. Very often, you yourself are aware of anxiety and worry in your life and how this can often coincide with worsening symptoms.

Using a form of Hypnotherapy called Hypnoanalysis, I work at removing the underlying causes of any anxiety or discomfort that may be contributing to the internal stress that results in headaches and other symptoms.


Most times these are things that you yourself would never have associated with your problem. But the permanent results speak for themselves! Below is a testimonial from just one former Migrane sufferer after they completed a course of sessions with me....

"...thank you for the help you have given me and the freedom I now feel.....I was amazed at the breakthrough coming so quickly when it happened. It was like a weight, I hadn't known I had, being lifted. I hadn't known that those feelings and emotions were causing my migraines but since the breakthrough I've felt clear headed and confident....I am relaxed and free of the fear of them. I feel like migraines no longer define me. Everything seems better, things don't bother me the way they used....I have a new more positive outlook on everything."


If you would like to find out more about how I might be able to help with your Migrane problem, give me a call and we can talk in confidence about your situation.

+353 87 1227361

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