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Gambling Addiction Treatment in Dublin.

Gambling is a very common addiction. Like many addictions, it is what we call a compulsive behaviour. It is something that even when you don't want to, you feel a compulsion to do it that you cannot resist. It is an inner drive and that is what makes it so hard for a person to overcome on their own without outside help.


I offer both face to face and online therapy sessions to help people to solve their gambling addiction using Hypnotherapy

Many with a Gambling Addiction will try to rationalise it, (i.e. give good reasons for their behaviour). But the truth and the facts are that gambling is a no win situation! Betting shops, casinos, clubs and online betting sites are there to make money. If you did not lose the majority of the time, they could not stay in business. So the odds are always stacked in their favour. This is why it makes no sense.

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Successfully Overcoming  a Gambling Addiction

Some people think that Gambling is one of the less serious addictions, but it can cause MORE problems and ruin more lives than many other addictions. Because your health doesn't usually deteriorate and you do not become weaker, pass out or die. You are actually likely to spend more, for longer and cause more damage to more people around you and get yourself into more and more trouble.

The drive to gamble is very strong and many people do not believe how much it can take over a life, how much your view of reality can be distorted and how many bad decisions you can end up making.


What makes it so hard to deal with alone is that the real cause is buried deep in your mind. There is something pushing harder than logic. The real cause is a bad feeling or a desire for a good feeling. And feelings always win against logic.

This is where Hypnotherapy comes in, I can help you to find the cause of that bad feeling, or that urge to feel more excitement. When you find the cause, you will be easily able to deal with it and when you've dealt with it, the gambling addiction dissolves!

My job is to be someone that you can talk to, without fear of judgement or criticism. Because, usually, gamblers already feel bad enough about their history and are ashamed to tell the full story to friends, partners or family.


You need someone who understands your problem and who has experience and is skilled with helping people out of that problem and back to having a normal life.

You might find it hard to believe right now that this addiction can be taken from you permanently. But I have succeeded with Hypnotherapy where years of counselling and G.A. meetings have failed.


If you want more information on this successful treatment please call me for a chat.

Or, to make an appointment and get started on changing your life straight away.


If you feel that you may have a Gambling Addiction, give me a call and we can have a chat about your situation and how I can help you.

+353 87 1227361

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