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The main therapeutic approaches that I use to help people overcome their emotional or psychological problems are explained below.

See the drop down menu from "Problems" for a list of typical problems that I treat successfully.

Using Analytical Hypnotherapy

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Also known as Hypnoanalysis, this powerful therapy combines Mindfulness and Psychoanalysis to quickly get to the root cause of longer term, more complex or deeper rooted problems which are resistant to other forms of therapy or counselling.

Use of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

This is the form of Hypnotherapy that people are more familiar with, utilising deep relaxation and the power of suggestion to resolve and eliminate common emotional and psychological problems.

I also use NLP techniques which are modern and fast and very powerful when combined with hypnosis.

Using Cognitive Psychotherapy

Cognitive Therapy

This approach is more aimed at bad thinking habits and beliefs.

A combination of CBT techniques and Changing Limiting Beliefs work is used to quickly change a person's unhealthy beliefs and negative thinking habits.

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