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Anxiety Treatment in Dublin.

Anxiety is a very common problem, with a range of associated symptoms. Most people feel a bit of anxiety from time to time, in appropriate temporary situations. But a very large number of people suffer from a kind of "General Anxiety", for which they can often find no reason. This results in you worrying about almost everything, even when you know that there is no need.


Very often, once sparked, anxiety can gradually become worse, or affect you in more and more situations. It can begin to limit your life and your enjoyment of it.

I offer both face to face and online Hypnotherapy sessions.

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Anxiety can be successfully treated and eliminated permanently.

Anxiety was defined about 100 years ago by one of the fathers of modern psychology, Carl Jung, as "Fear spread thinly". And this is still one of the best descriptions of what anxiety feels like. Your body feels as if there is something that you should be anxious about, even when you are sure that there is not!

Anxiety is often misdiagnosed as "depression" and people can end up on anti-depressants, which they soon notice are doing nothing for their feelings.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful and quickest ways known of releasing the cause of anxiety and of permanently resolving all of the symptoms. The root cause of the feelings is always some bottled up long forgotten experience or idea, which starts to come to the surface in more and more situations, making you very uncomfortable.

This  Hypnosis treatment typically results in a permanent release from all of your uncomfortable anxiety in a matter of weeks.

Call me now for a chat to find out more about this successful form of Hypnotherapy. I am confident that I can resolve your problem quickly.


If you are looking for help with any kind of anxiety related problem, get in touch and let's have a chat.

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