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Fear of Public Speaking Cured in Dublin.

Fear of Public Speaking is often listed as being the most common fear that people have. It is a term now being used to define a range of common symptoms that can occur when someone is expected to speak publicly, such as blushing, excessive sweating, shyness, stage fright, fear of meeting people, or just the inability to communicate well in work or in social situations.

I offer both face to face and online therapy sessions to resolve a Fear of Public Speaking.

Very often, once sparked, the symptoms can gradually become worse or to affect you in more and more situations. This can become very distressing, frustrating and even debilitating.

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Treating a Fear of Public Speaking Using Hypnotherapy

Most times, the fear of public speaking can be helped in one or two sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy, whether preparing you for a particular event like a wedding speech, or regular meetings or presentations. This is done using visualisation techniques and teaching you the same mind and body control techniques used by professional performers and sports people. This will make speaking in public, not only relaxed but also enjoyable!

If you have more widespread problems socially, these could be a sign of Social Phobia, symptoms based on underlying feelings of fear of being judged by others or a fear of their opinions of us. It becomes an uncomfortable feeling of being inadequate or afraid of looking foolish, stupid, a fraud or a "phoney". A fear of making a show of yourself, being shown up, exposed or embarrassed.


A fear of public speaking is often a feeling that would be valid if you had something to hide, like a dark past, a guilty secret or some hidden skeleton in your closet. But usually you cannot think of anything that would justify these feelings of anxiety.

A form of Hypnotherapy known as Hypnoanalysis is the most successful and quickest way known of releasing the cause of these deeper feelings and thus permanently resolving all of the associated symptoms. (And most Social Phobics have more than one of the uncomfortable symptoms). The root cause of the symptoms is always some bottled up feeling or thought which is breaking the surface only in certain situations, making you very uncomfortable.

This slightly longer treatment typically results in a permanent release from all of your discomfort and anxiety. You also notice a general feeling of being more relaxed and a boost in self-confidence and positivity.

Call me now for a chat to find out more about this successful therapy and which would suit you best. I am confident that I can resolve your problem quickly.


If you find any kind of public speaking uncomfortable, call me to speak privately about it and how I can help you.

+353 87 1227361

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