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Life Coaching in Dublin.

The kind of things Personal Life Coaching can help with include:

  • getting to know and understand yourself better

  • discovering your controlling beliefs and changing negative or disempowering beliefs

  • helping to create a positive outlook

  • generating more energy

  • setting and achieving goals

  • motivating yourself

  • communicating better (with yourself and others)

  • improving your health and lifestyle

  • becoming more decisive

  • improving your personal relationships

  • becoming more successful in your career

...and pretty much any area in your life where you feel things could be better.

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The Benefits of a Personal/Life Coach

So why would anybody need this?


Well, we can't all be expert in everything and throughout our lives we call on the services of specialists in many areas, from mechanics for our car to the writers of cookbooks. At home, for example, we may know that we have a plumbing problem, but that doesn't mean we know what is causing it and we certainly have no idea how to get over it. Sometimes, once the cause is made clear to us we know how to solve it ourselves. Other times we also need someone to tell us what to do.


Personal or Life Coaching is much like this. We often reach points in our lives where we know something is not working, or could be better, or we've decided that something needs to be changed. Like the plumbing scenario, occasionally we need to look at the whole system and review how it is working.


Personal/Life Coaching can be proactive, preventative or preparatory, i.e. setting you up for the future with tools that prepare you thoroughly and take into account possible future situations. It can also be reactive where you have found yourself at a point or in a situation in your life where you need to take action and help would be welcome and valuable to make things clearer.


In a nutshell, it is about understanding how your own psychology works and then how to use it to achieve happiness and success in your life.


If you are interested in Personal or Life Coaching, let's have a chat and see what I could do for you.

+353 87 1227361

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