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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a completely natural, pleasant and harmless state. How many times have you been "in your own little world", distracted by something momentarily or simply daydreaming? How many times have you done something automatically while thinking about something else completely, (like driving, eating, or walking for example)? These were occurances of natural trance, which is just another word for Hypnosis.


In stage hypnosis, the "hypnotist" picks people who are already very suggestible (and this would be true for them even without any hypnosis!). Obviously, if they volunteer at a stage show, they are already up for the fun of it and have that performer aspect somewhere in their personality. And out of all of the total audience, these few are the only ones kept on stage by the "hypnotist".

People who are inclined to follow instructions anyway.


This is because, the truth is, in hypnosis you are fully in control at all times and will only do or say things that you choose or agree to do or say. 

When used as a therapeutic tool, Hypnosis is a gentle relaxation, focusing the mind on pleasant relaxing thoughts. It is one of the most effective, quickest and safest tools for treating many psychological and emotional problems, behaviours and habits.

Most emotional or psychological problems and habits are the result of "automatic" responses and behaviours from our subconscious which seem outside of our control. When your mind is relaxed your subconscious is open to positive changes, new habits and thoughts thus making powerful, permanent changes in our lives very quickly.

Doing this removes the old problem feelings, behaviours or symptoms.


Therapy sessions typically take one hour and, where more than one is needed, are best done weekly.

Quit Smoking Sessions typically take about 90 minutes.


Just click here for a handy PDF brochure which you can print or show anybody that you know who may have questions about Hypnotherapy and what it can treat successfully.

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