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Treatment for OCD in Dublin.

OCD (or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a very misunderstood and difficult problem. It can ruin lives. Doctors don't seem to understand you and only have limited options to try to help you. Very often this help comes down to useless medication, often anti-depressants.

But if you are suffering from OCD, you are not suffering from depression. (Although, at times, you may feel quite depressed due to your problem!)

I offer both face to face and online therapy sessions for OCD and resolving it.

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Why I Can Help You With OCD.

Many people suffering from OCD also fear talking about their problem, afraid of being ridiculed or labelled "nuts". And so one of the biggest problems in getting help with OCD, is finding someone who actually understands the situation. And, because most of the people offering treatment for OCD don't actually know what it is, their solutions often fail and at best give you a means of coping with your problem, forever.

The good news is, that OCD can be cured! I have been treating OCD successfully  for years using Hypnotherapy.


The first thing to realise is that Obsession and Compulsion are psychologically different things and depend on your natural personality type. Without making this differentiation and knowing which you are suffering from, you cannot even begin to treat OCD.

However, at the root of both disorders is always something, which is so deeply buried in the back of your mind that you have forgotten about it. But it is still having an effect on your feelings and behaviour.

I specialise in using Hypnotherapy to get to the root causes of OCD, removing them and thus removing the feelings which drive obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviours or habits. This REMOVES the problem, so that there is no more need for medication or any other coping mechanisms such as exercises, thought control, CBT, special routines or procedures.

I am very experienced in dealing with OCD using Hypnotherapy. There will be no labeling or judgement. I have heard it ALL before and understand the symptoms and the suffering.


If you want more information on this successful treatment please call me to arrange a FREE confidential phone consultation. Or call to make an appointment and get started on changing your life straight away.


If you have been suffering with OCD, obsessive thinking or compulsive behaviours, get in touch and we can have a chat about your situation and how I can help.

+353 87 1227361

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