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Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Dublin.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is an increasingly common and distressing complaint. It is generally accepted that there is an emotional, nervous or stress element in its cause and, very often, conventional medicine can discover no organic cause or infection. It is a condition from which it can be hard to find relief, but which is greatly helped and often cured by using Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is now being used to treat IBS effectively and safely in hospitals in the U.K.

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My Treatment of IBS

Using Hypnotherapy, I have successfully relieved many Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers of their symptoms when all else seemed to have failed them. These were people who had suffered for many years and with such severe symptoms that they were prevented from leading a normal life.

IBS is more than just aches, cramps or pain, it also involves the discomfort between attacks and the anxiety surrounding fear of the next episode. It can be a very real and debilitating condition. It can be very limiting not only to your diet, but to your enjoyment of life and general feeling of well being.


The inability of doctors to pinpoint and treat the cause can be very demoralising and frustrating.

However, when no organic or physical cause can be detected, it is recognised even by doctors that the symptoms and attacks are very often connected to your emotional state at any time.

I offer both face to face and online therapy sessions to treat and eliminate IBS.

This makes sense when you think of it, when the first part of our body to respond to emotions is usually our bowels or intestines. We all know the effect of extreme fright! But also, you hear phrases like "knots in my stomach" or "butterflies" when people talk about being anxious or nervous.

Very often, you yourself are aware of anxiety and worry in your life and how this can often coincide with worsening symptoms. But often, people are puzzled because they cannot think of anything in particular which might be stressing them. In these cases, our bodies are usually reacting to subconscious stress, which, by definition, you would not be consciously aware of.

I work at using Hypnotherapy to remove the underlying causes of any anxiety or discomfort that may be contributing to the internal stress that results in pain and other symptoms. Most times, these are things that you yourself would never have associated with your problem. But the permanent results speak for themselves!

Below is the feedback from a previous client of mine, a former IBS sufferer, after they completed a course of sessions with me...

"...thank you for the help you have given me and the freedom I now feel.....I was amazed at the breakthrough coming so quickly when it happened. It was like a weight, I hadn't known I had, being lifted. I hadn't known that those feelings and emotions were causing my probems but since the breakthrough I've felt clear headed and confident....I am relaxed and free. I feel like IBS no longer defines me. Everything seems better, things don't bother me the way they used....I have a new more positive outlook on everything."


If you have been suffering from the symptoms of IBS get in touch and we can have a chat about your situation and what I may be able to do to help.

+353 87 1227361

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