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Be Your Own Life Coach! - #3 Changing Your State.

Welcome back. If you’ve been following my last two articles in this blog series, you should by now have picked a goal. (Maybe you picked more than one. That’s allowed). You will have imagined how it will feel to have achieved this goal and you’ve hopefully examined and disproved the old beliefs that made you feel like you could not do it, or which before, may have stopped you from even getting started!

Our beliefs are usually automatic or subconscious. They are held in our deeper mind and acted upon without us even thinking about them. However, hopefully you have now thought about some of the limiting beliefs of which you became consciously aware and have seen that they were wrong! Once any doubt has been cast upon them, they are no longer “beliefs” and we can begin to let them go in our mind. Now let’s use the space we’ve just emptied and fill it with more positive and stronger beliefs.

As your coach, you can talk to the most important, talented and powerful player on your team, your own subconscious mind. Our subconscious doesn’t really communicate through words. (If it did, everything would always make sense!). It communicates through our senses, through pictures and feelings mainly.

With it, we can imagine or picture things. We can hear our own and sometimes even others’ words in our head and we get “feelings” about things. When you notice the feelings that you have and don’t ignore them, you can figure out what they are “saying” to you. We have learned this subconscious language through listening to it. Now let’s speak back, in our subconscious’ own language, to instruct it.

Firstly, stop looking at negatives and focus on and enjoy your blessings. Maybe your glass is more than half full when you look at it properly! Next, take control of your voice in your head. Forbid and stop it giving out to you, putting you down or being negative to yourself. Begin saying positive things, in a cheerful way, consistently. Look around you more. Begin to notice the many opportunities. Be disciplined about this for a couple of days until it comes naturally to you.

Begin to communicate back more positive feelings to yourself, by standing taller, walking more confidently, breathing more deeply, becoming more energetic, smiling, holding your head high. I bet in minutes you will feel better, even before catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and seeing how much better this even looks. You will be communicating to your own mind that you are a happy, confident and energetic person who thinks positively and sees opportunities. Coincidentally, as you do this you are also communicating this to everyone you meet, as 55% of all communication is body language, 38% voice tone and only 7% the actual words used! So next thing to do is to begin to speak in more upbeat and positive ways. “Fake it ’til you make it!”

Would this be different for you? Good! We need to do things differently in order to get different results! What you are doing is changing your “state”. State affects how we think and act. Now you’re in a fit state to do what you need and want to do in your life.

In the next article, in a fortnight, we’ll be maintaining this momentum and taking action.

Kieran Fitzpatrick ADHP FIAEBP is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Personal Coach. His practice is in Dublin 12. For more details call 087-1227361, e-mail: or see

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